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About Us

The Little Guy Pavers

Your Local Hardscape Experts!

Specialized Trade Work

We are not a "Jack of all trades" landscape company. We are experts in our trade and we stick to our trade. Unfortunately, a lot of landscape companies try to offer a little bit of everything, and are unable to offer the quality of a specialized trade.

Personal Touch
Since we are not a franchise or large corporation, you never need to worry about becoming just a number. Every customer is appreciated and taken care of.


Why The Little Guy Pavers?

We are not called The Little Guy Pavers because we are small, only do small jobs, or really anything to do with the actual size of the company or jobs we do.

Our name is a representation of what we stand for. We have learned that people tend to have two options when they look for contractors. They either choose a large company for security and feel like they are unimportant or they find a small company for a lower price, where they get more attention but don't know if the job is being done correctly or if the company will be around.

We are a mix of the two. Even though we have several crews and are set up like a large company we do not have a minimum job size, we have set pricing, we do repair work, and every job is important to us.

We give the peace of mind of a large company with the small family business personal touch.

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