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Landscape Lighting

Lighting Options

Compliment landscapes of all types and sizes.

Up and Accent Lights

Up and Accent lights are an excellent choice for spotlighting, floodlighting, backlighting, up-lighting, and numerous other useful applications. They may be mounted in-grade, as well as on walls or trees.

In Grade Lights

In-Ground and Well lights are an excellent choice for up-lighting, floodlighting, spotlighting, and more. They may be mounted in-grade to wash walls and light signs, as well as highlighting trees, shrubbery, and statuary, among other applications.

Path and Spread Lights

Path and Spread lights are an excellent choice for lighting walkways, ground cover, and garden beds; gently washing the area with a broad blanket of subtle illumination.

Step and Brick Lights

Step and Brick lights are ideal for step-lighting, deck-lighting, wall-lighting, and other interesting applications.

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